At Bulldog Battery Corporation, we continue to use a full-size grid for all of our plate types. No lead has been removed in order to save cost. A grid that is too thin results in a lack of oxide pellet support and premature shedding during natural expansion of the plate as it is cycled.

As you can see, a “HOG RING” is attached to each cable prior to casting the lead head. The purpose of the hog ring is to provide three points of adhesion to the lead head so the cable cannot be pulled out of the lead head. Some manufacturers choose you use a tack that is hammered through the cable insulation. Although this is adequate for adhesion, it pierces the cable insulation allowing for corrosion.

Our Lead head is one of the thickest in the industry. This allows more efficient power transfer without heat.

Our post and strap and lead heads are among the largest and heaviest in the industry. Since the current is passed from the post and strap to the lead head and finally to the cables, it does not make any sense to use lightweight components. Any savings is offset by the additional heat generated internally in the cell.