BULLDOG BATTERY CORPORATION recommends the following safety rules for battery users,
If observed, these rules can prevent injury.

  • Wear rubber apron, gloves, boots and goggles when working on batteries.
  • Disconnect the battery from the truck while doing battery repair.
  • Shut off and disconnect the charger when working on battery charger.
  • Never lay metal tools on top of the battery.
  • Always have water available in case of electrolyte splash.
  • Keep open flames away from storage batteries.
  • Neutralize acid spills with supply of baking soda or similar alkali.
  • Always add “acid” to water and stir constantly to mix well.
  • Melt sealing compound carefully. Do not allow compound to ignite by too rapid heating.
  • Remove vent caps from near by cells and blow out excess gas when getting ready to repair
    battery cell when using flame.
  • When repairing cell, cover the vent holes with layer of damp cloth before using burning torch
    on inter-cell connectors.
  • Lift batteries with approved lifting bar and hoist.
  • Keep vent plugs in the cells at all times, except when taking hydrometer readings,adjusting
    gravity and acid levels, trouble shooting or making repairs.
  • If electrolyte is splashed in the eyes, flush eyes with water from safety fountain or cold water
    tap and get medical attention immediately.