Providing the highest quality batteries when and where they’re needed.

Bulldog Battery Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial batteries and chargers. Bulldog’s facility is located at 387 S. Wabash Street, Wabash, Indiana. Our production equipment utilizes the latest technology available to produce the highest quality industrial batteries and chargers possible.

Bulldog has a network of distribution reaching the far corners of the world; however Bulldog is always looking to expand its distribution network. If you are interested in becoming a Bulldog distributor please contact our Sales department.

Our competitors take up to 12 weeks to deliver their orders. Here at Bulldog Battery we manufacture the highest quality batteries and do it faster than you dreamed possible.

We will provide you with services you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We will diagnose your problems and help you handle them.

Plus, our batteries are hand-crafted, meaning you get the highest quality.



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