Check your battery top's condition. It should be clean and dry. A thin coat of acid on top could cause an electrical leak
between cells, creating a serious maintenance problem.

Electrical leakage on the battery top can reduce the running time of the battery by many hours per day. You can't let
this happen to your battery.

NEUTRA- WASH is your neutralizer and cleaner for battery tops. It's fast, economical and gets the job done.

To remove acid, let's follow these steps for better battery performance and start restoring power back to your batteries

  1. Spray battery top with NEUTRA- WASH until fluid turns YELLOW. (This indicates acid is neutralized)
  2. Wipe battery top with paper towel or flush with low-pressure water hose to remove fluid.
  3. Repeat step number (1) if necessary. If NEUTRA-WASH fluid remains YELLOW, then the acid has been neutralized.
  4. It takes only seconds to apply NEUTRA-WASH spray to battery tops.
  5. Apply NEUTRA-WASH as necessary. By the week or month, it's up to maintenance. It depends on battery usage.
  6. If battery top is constantly wet with acid, it may be due to overfill with water or overcharging.

The above steps will eliminate any electrical leakage that may occur on top of the battery.

The life and performance of your battery will improve. No big deal. Just keep using NEUTRA-WASH for a clean and acid
free battery top.

BULLDOG BATTERY wants you to get the best possible life out of your batteries. Lets keep battery tops free from electrical
leakage. No matter what your problem is, we can help.