The New Exclusive “2XREP” design, researched and developed for HIGH CAPACITY by Bulldog Battery, offers extra power for all EV (electric vehicle) applications.
The 2XREP battery can be configured to fit Taylor Dunn, AGV vehicles; and it’s used in some solar applications. The 2XRERP is a very versatile battery suited for many applications.


This new design is based upon a balance of electrolyte to active material, utilizing full positive and negative plates. No special or SCR charger required to recharge the battery. A 15-20 amp charger is adequate for a full recharge.


The “2XREP” was designed to achieve additional run time for any EV requiring batteries smaller in physical size than the conventional industrial battery, making it ideal for golf cart applications . It delivers twice the run time and much longer life than the conventional golf cart battery.


The battery is equipped with flip top vent caps for easy watering and can be retro-fit with any industrial battery watering system. Terminal connectors are supplied to match your need. The “2XREP” battery can be serviced the same as an industrial battery. If one cell goes bad, that is all you need to replace., rather than replacing the entire battery.


Common testimonial statements from the field in various applications include:

  • My existing golf cart batteries only ran 2-3 rounds of 18 holes. With the “2XREP” I am able to get 5-6 rounds prior to recharging.
  • I am able to reduce the number of carts I run in half.
  • I save half my charging electricity by only requiring one recharge per day, rather than running the chargers most of the day and most of the night to keep all the old batteries recharged.
  • My old batteries would slow down on steep inclines, but the “2XREP” seems to not slow at all.
  • My floor scrubber with the old batteries ran about 2 1/2 hours and required recharge. With the “2XREP” I am running 6-8 hours prior to recharging.


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