Kodiak Conventional HF Charger

The KODIAK REVOLUTION Conventional HF Charger incorporates a unique modular power design that delivers peak efficiency greater than 93% and efficiencies greater than 90% throughout the entire charge cycle.

KODIAK REVOLUTION Opportunity HF Charger Features

  • Highest charging efficiency throughout the entire charge cycle
  • No Downtime! Charger remains operational if a power modular fails
  • CEC Compliant
  • Minimize or even avoid peak demand cost related to battery charging
  • When combined with the Power Trac data logger, has the ability to be multi-voltage (24/36/48) allowing the charger the ability to automatically adapt to the battery voltage and AH capacity.


Cost Effective with Long Term Savings

  • Low initial cost versus traditional fast chargers
  • Charger can be programmed for all lead acid battery types (flooded, low maintenance, gel and sealed)
  • With these unique design features, the Revolution eliminates the need to replace chargers as your lift truck/battery fleet changes in the future


Bulldog Battery Kodiak Conventional HF Charger


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